Epiphytic Orchids

The flowers from this group of orchids is what most people visualize when they think of orchids. An epiphyte is nothing more than a plant which grows attached to another living plant. They are not parasites and draw no nutrition from the host. Since they require no actual soil for their root system the hobbyist can easily mount and grow this group of orchids on pieces of wood, cork or other porous material.

This group produces some of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers of all the orchid species. There are literally thousands of naturally occuring species and thousands more hybrids created by growers and hobbyists. Here we offer you a selection of some of the smaller hard to find true species which will produce the same flowers you would see them in their natural habitat. Browse through our Orchid selections below and click on any image to see a close up.



Coming soon! In the next few weeks we will be offering some rare and unusual plants not just for terrariums but also for container growing. Many will be in very limited quantities.  Check here for links to our Ebay account for the new plants.



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